Explora, HD PVR, DSTV Xtra View, Re-installations, DSTV HD PVR installations, expert knowledge of Home Theatres & Sound  Systems, TV installations, Satellite detection, DSTV dish alignment, Satellite LNB fault finding, DSTV faulty cable detection, LED TV installations, LCD TV installations, Plasma TV installations, Flat screen installations, Dish kits, Projector TV installations, Full HD transmitters & receiver, TV split points, Home Theatre sound installations.  Expert Knowledge of all Hi-Tec amps & sound systems:  Jamo, Yamaha, Nakamitchi, Bose, NAD, Harman/Kardon etc.

WE ALSO SPECIALISE IN:  Hi-Tech equipment. Full motion brackets. Ceiling speakers. Sound systems. Outdoor speakers. Projectors. Fault finding. Home Theatres. Accessories.