Your real choice in affordable TV viewing. 


Television is an important source of information and entertainment, which most South Africans take for granted. But some 8 percent of South Africans in remote rural areas cannot receive the standard terrestrial SABC television broadcasts and fall out of the areas covered by the infrastructure. The same hold true for some radio stations that are either broadcast in a specific geographic area or where broadcasts do not reach isolated spots.

For those outside the coverage of terrestrial broadcasts Sentech brings you the Vivid satellite digital service.

Vivid provides all free-to-air television stations and more than a dozen radio stations in crystal clear digital video and sound, at no monthly cost.

The service has proven popular not only in rural areas and among caravan enthusiasts, but is also used by those who demand nothing but top-notch reception quality.


Vivid operates on Pas-7 and the Pas-10 Ku-Band footprints and utilises the latest digital satellite direct-to-home technology. All that is required is a 90cm satellite dish and LNB, a Vivid decoder with smart card and television set.


? Once-off investments

Unlike other satellite services there is no monthly fee to receive Vivid channels. The only requirement is that a decoder and smart card be purchased from one of a number of retailers.  Once connected to a standard small satellite dish and television set, the service is available.

? Wide range of programming

All three SABC television channels and e-tv are available on Vivid and it is expected that more television stations will be added as they become available.  Some 25 radio stations are available and range from information stations such as SAFM and RSG to music stations such as YFM and Classic FM.

A number of television and radio stations catering for various religious groups are also available on the Vivid platform.  These include Spirit World, Love World, TCT and the God Channel.  Others are Business Television, and the Mindset Active Learn Channel.  Plans are on-going to expand these channels.


  • Total Coverage

The Vivid service is available across all of Sub-Saharan Africa with no gaps in coverage.  All that is required is to be in the satellite footprint.  The Satellite dish also faces the same direction as all the other South African direct-to-home satellite dishes.

  • Crystal clear reception

Thanks to its high-powered satellite broadcast and the use of digital encoding the signal received from the Vivid system is, as the name promises, perfect video and audio reception.