The introduction of PVR has revolutionised the way that you experience and consume TV. With your DStv PVR decoder you can take control of your TV.

Ever wished you could pause live TV? How many times have you dreamed of being able to rewind and watch that moment again? Imagine recording all your programming automatically and watching it exactly when it suits you. Well now DStv lets you do everything you've ever dreamed of with PVR. Record 80 hours of your favourite programmes onto your decoder pause and rewind live TV and even watch two different channels whilst recording a third. It's all possible with PVR. Your TV your way!

Its incredible features include:

1. Pause Live TV

Make the stars wait for you. Now you can pause live TV.
Now you can stop live TV whenever you want and pick up right where you left off all with the simple pressing of a button. Whether you like making a snack or answer the telephone you?ll never miss a thing. Unbelievable but true.

By simply pressing the pause button the DStv PVR decoder will begin recording. With the click of a button you can resume your viewing where you left off.You can Pause LIVE TV for up to 120 minutes! What?s more is this feature is available on both TV1 and TV2.

How it works:

Just press PLAY/PAUSE to pause and when you return press PLAY/PAUSE again to continue from where you left off.
2. Fast Forward and Rewind

Make you own action replays. Rewind and fast forward TV.
Tired of missing those crucial moments on television? It will never happen again with PVR as you can rewind back and see it all again even in slow motion. It's television the way you've always wanted it.

How it works:

Fast Forward:
When the programme is paused slide the PLAY/PAUSE button to the right and then release it. (You will notice the picture is fast forwarding).
To increase the fast forward speed slide the PLAY/PAUSE button to the right again.
To stop fast forwarding and resume viewing press the PLAY/PAUSE button twice.
The fast forward feature is only applicable to a recorded environment

When the programme is paused slide the PLAY/PAUSE button to the left and then release it. (You will notice the picture is rewinding).
To increase the rewind speed slide the PLAY/PAUSE button to the left again.
To stop rewinding and resume viewing press the PLAY/PAUSE button twice.

3. Watch 2 different channels while you record a 3rd.

The DStv PVR Decoder lets you watch two separate channels at the same time and still record a third. Fighting in the household is over now that everyone can watch exactly what they want.

What more you can pause rewind and replay programming in both television environments.

4. Record 80 hours of television

With PVR you can record up to 80 hours of programming directly onto your decoder to watch whenever you want. You can also record multiple shows in advance. It's television that suits your lifestyle.

It?s so easy you simply navigate the Electronic Programming Guide and press record on your preferred programme. The DStv PVR decoder will take care of all the other time consuming functions such as selecting the right channel the right date and the right time to record all of which makes using the PVR much easier than a DVD or VCR recorder.

How it works:

Select a programme from the i-Plate or TV Guide that you would like to record and press REC.
The programme is now scheduled to be recorded and will be listed in the PVR Schedule.
Remember you can watch two channels and record a third all at the same time!
Record you favourite series every week!

Have you ever missed an episode of your favourite series?
With PVR you can automatically record your favourite series every week (or every day).
Press the GREEN button to go to the PVR Menu.
Select Time Based Recordings and follow the onscreen instructions.

Playback a recording:
Watch what you want when you want!
Press the RED button to go to the Playlist.
Select the programme you want to playback and press OK.

5. Instant Replay

Ever seen an unbelievable goal or try that you wanted to see again? A simple click of a button and the action is transported back 10 seconds another click and you can replay the last 20 seconds. Perfect for replaying those crowning moments.

How it works:

Slide the PLAY/PAUSE button once to the left and then release it.


Catch something incredible whilst watching your recording? You can now place a bookmark in your recorded environment and return to the spot with ease a little later.

7. TV Guide

End the war over the DStv Guide for your convenience the DStv Guide is now available on both TV1 and TV2. What?s more is it now loads instantly!

How it Works:

Simply press the TV GUIDE button for quick access to the complete guide.
You no longer have to leave the programme you?re watching to use the DStv guide.
Simply change the display option to transparent and the audio and video of the channel you?re watching will remain in the background.

8. Reminders

The DStv PVR decoder allows you to set reminders on both TV1 and TV2. This reminder will only trigger on the environment from which it was set. Reminders will be cancelled if the time of a particular programme changes.
Set and removing a reminder just got easier because you can set or cancel your reminders on the i-Plate Channel Grid in the DStv Guide or PVR Schedule.

9. Saving your recordings

Worried you might loose track of your recordings. You can now change the name of your recording helping you easily identify it in the Playlist.

10. I-Plate

The i-Plate is available on both televisions.

11. Parental Control

Use the parental control option for those programmes you feel aren?t for younger eyes.

How it works:

The edit and lock function on the PVR uses the same parental Pin code.
Remember to change the default parental pin code to a number you will remember.