Ellies/Space/Sammeg Accessories

Variety of accesories

Remote Blasters, Replacement Remotes, AV Senders, I-Links (TV-Links), SLX 4-Way splitter, SLX 2-Way splitter, RCA cables, HD cables, Optical cables, RGB cables, long distance high performance video and audio cable, RG 55 cable, RF cables, Twinflex speaker cable, High Performance speaker cable, AR cable, oxygen free speaker cable, speaker brackets, plasma stands, portable dish kits (for camping), Fly leads, Trunking, Conduit 74cm TV-arm bracket, 54cm TV-arm bracket, 37cm TV-arm bracket, all wall plasma brackets, white ceiling speakers, from 2inch to 8inch 3-Way speakers (for background music, surround sound and high output sound) etc.